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What is the difference between Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge and Grand Marnier® Cordon Jaune?

Cordon Rouge is made with cognac, whereas Cordon Jaune is made with neutral alcohol. Both products are orange-based liqueurs, but Cordon Rouge contains only the essence of bitter oranges, whereas Cordon Jaune is made with the essence of both sweet and bitter oranges. They are also used for different purposes. While Cordon Jaune is an excellent ingredient for dessert flaming and flavouring, Cordon Rouge is a premium drink you can enjoy neat, on ice, in long or short drinks, and in cocktails.

Is Grand Marnier® Cream still available and what is its shelf life?

This product was discontinued in 1997. Having a dairy base, its shelf life was one year unopened and 2 to 3 months when opened and kept in the refrigerator. The product should no longer be on retail shelves, for if it were to be purchased now, it would be undrinkable.

What is the difference between the Cuvée du Centenaire and the Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire?

The difference lies mainly in the age of the cognacs used. While the oldest cognac in the Cuvée du Centenaire blend is aged up to 25 years, it may be up to 50 years old for the Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire. Another factor to take in consideration is the quality of the cognacs used, which is determined by the growing area of origin. Cognacs from both of the two finest areas, Grande and Petite Champagne, are used in the making of the Cuvée du Centenaire. Only Grande Champagne cognac, from the best growing area, is used to make the Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire.

What is Grand Marnier® Louis-Alexandre? How is it different from the other Grand Marnier® spirits?

To create our liqueurs, we use cognacs from the 5 best growing areas in the Cognac region. Each liqueur is different from the others for 2 reasons:

Its cognac composition is specific.

Its ageing time is specific.

Grand Marnier® Louis-Alexandre is composed mainly of cognacs from 2 fine growing areas: Fine Champagne and Borderies.

On the palate, the main distinction is that the recipe is drier than the other Grand Marnier® spirits. It’s an intense and less sweet taste for a contemporary experience of the warmth of Grand Marnier® liqueur.

Where can I purchase the products listed in the “products & Collection” section of the website?

Grand Marnier® products aren't all distributed worldwide. For Grand Marnier® standard product range, you can check product availability in your country among the "Products & Collection" section. For Limited Edition bottles, store availability in your country is detailed in the section dedicated to the on going year creation.

Grand Marnier Usage
How can I know the age of a bottle of Grand Marnier®?

You can get the precise date of production from the number running vertically along the right side of the front label. The first 2 numbers indicate the year, the following 3 numbers the day of the year while the last 2 numbers indicate the time of the day. For instance: “L 06 031 10” means that the liqueur was produced on 31 January, 2006 between 10:00 and 10:59 AM.

What are the calorie and carbohydrate counts for 30 ml (1 oz) of Grand Marnier®?

30 ml (1 oz) of Grand Marnier® liqueur = 76 calories and 6.5 grams of carbohydrates.

Is Grand Marnier® gluten-free?

Grand Marnier® is certified gluten-free, therefore it is a completely safe drink for people with celiac disease.

How long can I store an opened bottle of Grand Marnier®?

The best way to store an opened bottle of Grand Marnier® is to keep it in a relatively cool, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If you follow those simple procedures, you will be able to keep it between 1 and 2 years. After that, and depending on where it is stored, it may lose some of its flavour and aroma but still remain drinkable for about 8 years. But our best advice would be: don’t keep it, drink it.

How is hot Grand Marnier® made?

In bars, bartenders heat the glass with hot water from the nozzle on a cappuccino machine. Once poured out, the glass remains very hot and the Grand Marnier® liqueur is poured in immediately.

Special Editions
What is the “Grand Marnier® Cuvée Spéciale” decanter?

This porcelain decanter is a reproduction of a liqueur bottle which belonged to the Emperor Napoleon I (1804-1815) and then became the property of Marnier-Lapostolle. Made from a special blend of superior quality cognacs, it is classified as an intermediary between Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge and Grand Marnier® Cuvée du Centenaire. This product was discontinued about 20 years ago.

What is the “Grand Marnier® Royal Celebration”?

This special cuvée was produced for the UK market on the occasion of the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. A limited production of 30,000 numbered bottles was released. Since it is a limited and numbered edition, it has become a collector's item.

What is the “Red Velvet Cuvée Spéciale”?

This is a Grand Marnier® special cuvée that used to be released only during the holiday season starting in the 1970s and up until 1985. The Red Velvet Cuvée Spéciale was a special blend of aged cognacs that was positioned between Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge and Grand Marnier® Cuvée du Centenaire.

What are the Grand Marnier® limited edition collector's bottles?

Since 2003, Grand Marnier® has created a special bottle for its fans and the press. At the end of each year, in celebration of the holiday season, we launch a limited edition bottle of Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge which is available in limited quantities and for a limited period of time in bars and in premium stores. These bottles borrow from design trends to express the essence of our brand with a modern look.

- The 2003 Pictogram bottle: features a series of colourful pictograms representing the different ways of enjoying the liqueur and giving the bottle a very fashionable look.

- The 2004 Grand Red bottle: the red of the bottle is combined with the matte silver of the slightly off-centre serigraphed label. A surprising combination of the classical and the ephemeral, which gives a baroque look to this collector’s bottle.

- The 2005 French Touch bottle: a retro-modern look that borrows from the classic French style while embodying the new rules of modernity with its luxurious fabric wrapping.

- The 2006 Versailles Spirit Bottle: the fourth limited edition captures all of the spirit of Versailles in a bottle. Its vermilion colour sets off the immaculate white of its delicately carved gum rubber medallions. This bottle stylishly and audaciously evokes the refinement of artistic disciplines and lends a touch of modernity to France’s Grand Siècle that was the 17th century.

- The 2007 Lounge Edition Bottle: a contrast of materials and streamlined design characterizes the 2007 edition. With its soft velvet, supple leather, and the pure lines of its ring, this bottle evokes the warm and soothing modern decor typical of lounge bars.

- The 2008 Cosy Edition: a bottle all wrapped up in a red felt-like cloak to better reveal itself! Without the solemnity of its ribbon, the bottle’s unmistakably unique shape is shown off, turning it into a veritable object of desire. Beneath the velvety feel of the fabric lies the smooth coolness of the glass bottle, a sneak peek of the tasting pleasures to come.

Look out for the next limited edition bottle at the end of this year…

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